photographer and
media designer based in Berlin.

  • Artist Talk at the Atelier of Manuela Covini about my series “Through my Veins”
  • Establishing the Photo Collective called _Innen
  • Group Exhbition, Harvey Milk Center of Photography, San Francisco
  • Group Exhibition with _Innen at Ori, Berlin
  • Gallery Weekend Berlin group Exhibiton, Berlin
  • Internship at Harvey Milk Center of Photography, San Francisco
  • Freie Klasse with Eva Bertram at Neue Schule für Fotografie, Berlin
  • Enrollment at International Psychoanalytic University, Berlin
  • Artist Inn Residency, Ubud, Indonesia
  • Enrollment for studying photography at Neue Schule für Fotografie
  • Graduation of Media Design School, Berlin

Photography, doing collages and working with
mixed media is part of my life for more than ten years. Since I study psychology as a major and photography I combine my general interest in humans and approach the human psyche from different levels and perspectives. To be able to visualize a picture of someone or oneself in mind and to be able to see it and accept it, this process I ́m mostly interested in. To achieve having a perception of oneself which concur with reality and by other human beings one interact with.

I mostly work in photography  and experiment with different printing processes. I create collages . I do cyanotypes and monotypes as well.